Rawal Express Train Schedule & Daily Timings

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Rawal Express is a continuous train carrying passengers regularly. It is a service by Pakistan railways for its customers. The train carries the passengers from Lahore to Rawalpindi and back from Rawalpindi to Lahore. The train carries passengers on daily basis. This train is famous for its fast speed. Stations are named as Lahore 150 up (where it starts the journey) and the ending station is named as 106 down. The timings here are provided with respect to latest updated schedule available now.

This service is most suitable for people travelling between Lahore and Rawalpindi at short notice as it reaches the destination in 4 hours.

Timings from Lahore to Rawalpindi:

The train starts its journey from Lahore Junction 105 at the timing 00:30. It travels continuously at good speed and reaches its destination of Rawalpindi station at 04:30.

Timings from Rawalpindi to Lahore:

Train starts its journey from Rawalpindi at 00:30 from Rawalpindi at station named 10. It ends its journey at Lahore junction at 04:30. The train reaches the destination in one hit and doesn’t stop in between at stations.

Note: Fares and prices of ticket are changed regularly. Therefore, the customer must consult responsible department.

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