Procedure To Unfreeze Bank Account In Saudi Arabia

Account FrozenFreezing of bank accounts and credit cards is normal in Saudi Arabia and had affected almost every expatriate working in Saudi Arabia. Freezing of your bank account in Saudi Arabia means that the account holder would not be able to withdraw money from their bank account. The account holder will not be able to transfer funds through Internet Banking and ATM. In fact they would not be able to use any service related to their bank account if their account is frozen by a particular bank. But it is frozen due to any mistake by the account holder and it is frozen due to mistake and carelessness of their sponsor.

Reason Why Bank Account Is Frozen?

Iqama is considered the most important thing in Saudi Arabia for every expatriate living there. In most of the cases, it is issued for only one year that will allow you to live in Saudi Arabia for one year. But you don’t have the right to live in Saudi Arabia, once your Iqama is expired and the bank freeze your account on the very next day. Some banks freeze the account a week before the expiry of your Iqama but this is normally happened in some cases.

Due to the latest technology acquired by Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia, expatriates can also renew their Iqama from MOI website by paying the fee online from internet banking and through ATM.

Steps To Unfreeze Bank Account In Saudi Arabia

  • If your sponsor has renewed the Iqama in the system, your bank account will not unfreeze and will still be frozen.
  • After receiving your renewed Iqama, go to the particular bank in which your account exists with your Iqama and bank details, and ask at the reception that you want to unfreeze your account.
  • Receptionist will take copy of your Iqama and account details. Then you will be told to leave without any receipt.
  • Always ask them about the time duration for the process of unfreezing your account.
  • Keep it in your mind that some banks take at least one day and some banks take only one minute to reactive your account.
  • Check your account on the given date or time that whether it is reactive or not, by withdrawing some amount from your bank account through ATM card.

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