Procedure to Obtain Driving License in Qatar

Driving LicenseIf you are residing in Qatar or are planning to go their this article will provide you with useful information in regards to the driving license in Qatar, its types and which type to obtain and how to get the license. The people coming from the other Gulf countries to visit Qatar or live there for a period of more than 6 months, for the initial 3 months of their stay they can use the license of their home country. But afterwards they need to apply for the Qatari Driving License either temporary if short stay is planned or permanent in case of long stay. The people from countries other than Gulf countries can drive on the license from their home countries for 7 days.

The people who are travelling from the western countries which Include United Kingdom (UK) and Canada as well for the purpose of working in Qatar can get their home countries’ licenses converted into Qatari Driving license and they don’t need to take any classes or driving tests for it.

The temporary driving license which has a short validity can be obtained until the permanent driving license has not been obtained. The temporary driving license has certain conditions attached to it such that you can only drive the rental vehicle. The temporary driving license should be converted to permanent driving license once you have obtained the residence permit.

Obtaining a permanent Driving License

The one who wants to get a Qatari License has to take the theory classes and the driving test. The duration of classes varies. The people who do not know driving must take 15 hours of theory classes whereas the ones who already have ample driving experience need to take theory classes half the duration of the classes of who don’t know driving. This applies to those as well who cannot exchange their home countries’ license with the Qatari permanent license.  After attending the theory lessons the applicant s can sit for the driving test which is mandatory to pass and have several steps. Famous driving Schools of Qatar present in Doha offers the classes in Arabic and English too.

The driving test is to be taken on a manual transmission car. The driving test includes following tests:

  • An oral test in which questions related to the traffic signs, rules and regulations are asked.
  • Driving test for parking in reverse.
  • Parking test, when driving in and parking in straight.
  • Driving on the road test.

A basic medical test also needs to be cleared which includes eye sight test, which is done before taking the oral test. The applicant has the choice of taking the test in Arabic or English. Mostly all the tests are taken on the same day but it is necessary to clear the test step wise and if one fails any part of the test it needs to be repeated and cleared before moving further. In such a case the overall process may lengthen. After each test the applicant is informed regarding the result. The female applicant s take the test with Female traffic police officer and male applicant with the male police officer. The test is quiet difficult as half of the applicants fail in first attempt of the test. If the applicant fails the test he/she needs to reapply for the test again within a month’s time, in such case the steps which were passed earlier are not required to be taken again. If the applicant successfully clears all the tests the license is immediately issued which is valid for 5 years for foreigners and for the citizens of Qatar the validity is 10 years.

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