Procedure to make POC (Pakistan Origin Card)

National Database registration authority of Pakistan (NADRA) had introduced the new card known as the Pakistan organic card. This card is very much useful for the eligible foreigners. It is useful as it make them attached to the motherland.

Provides them entry in Pakistan without applying a visa, can get rid of foreign registration process, will be able to open bank accounts in the country and can buy or sell the properties. The process for application is as follows:


  1. You have to take the application form from the NADRA office, fill and submit it. after which you would be provided with a token a photo of you would be taken with thumb print and signatures.
  2. With the form you have to submit certain documents such as 2 passport size photographs, bank draft, Renunciation letter if you are a dual national while an Affidavit if you are single national, a copy of you foreign passport, attested marriage certificate (attestation form pak mission), a proof of your origin of Pakistan like (copy of CNIC/ NICOP/ NIC/ any owned property/ copy of CNIC/ NICOP of your blood relative).
  3. It has a certain fees and does varies in different cases, for details you can visit
  4.  The card is valid for a time period of seven years.

This is the card that can help you achieve you origin back

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