Possible Potential Treatment against Pneumonia, Sepsis

Sepsis PneumoniaSepsis: Pneumonia is considered as the biggest cause of death in the whole world, but only few people in the world knows about this disease. According to the statistics, around 1 million patients in America die just because of Sepsis: Pneumonia, every year. While in the under developed countries, this disease causes 80% of deaths each year. Sepsis: Pneumonia can occur from any surgery or during child birth and its symptoms include fever and fast breathing. Due to this, immune system of the body goes out of control, which can cause swelling and organs to be disabled.

Scientists are working on a possible potential treatment against Sepsis: Pneumonia, through which many lives could be saved. The experts of Ways Institute of Harvard University are working on a new treatment of dialysis, which would clean toxic bacteria from the blood before swelling.

In this treatment of Sepsis: Pneumonia, the blood will be passed through a groove which contain network of thin fiber net. On this net, artificial proteins will be coated, which will catch bacteria, fungus, toxins and other viruses as well.

This method of treatment is conducted on mice and experts have found 99 percent success in clearing dangerous bacteria. This research team will be soon conducted this treatment on humans in order to save millions of human lives around the world.

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