Politician Arrested In India For Shouting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ Slogans

handcuffedLucknow: A member of a social party in India has been arrested for shouting slogans in the favour of Pakistan. According to the media, this incident took place at the Shimli province of Uttar Pradesh where the police took SP member, Mehmood Alam in custody for shouting slogans in favour of Pakistan. The regional police have stated that Mehmood Alam was receiving money from the people while being intoxicated.

The state authorities said that Mehmood Alam was shouting ‘Pakistan Zindabad and Narendra Modi Murdabad’ which left the police no choice but to arrest him. The authorities have launched a strict inquiry into the matter; while the complaint lodged against him in the police station also accuse Mehmood for betrayal of the country.

In the last few weeks, SP members had a clash with the members of the Bhartia Janta Party which left many injured.

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