Plan a Tour in Western Turkey & Enjoy Nightlife in Altınkum

AltınkumAre you looking for a place to relax and hangout as well in the nights? With a number of restaurants and cafes Altinkum in Western Turkey is answer to your Holliday requirements. Enjoy the days sunbathing, boating at scores of golden sand beaches which are spread over the length of 55 Km. The coastline offers an amazing place to enjoy you leisure time along with your family.

Altinkum is located in the province Aydin of Turkey. Within close proximity of ancient remains and besides the Aegean Sea the coastline along with it has won Blue Flag awards and is one of the amazing places to visit. Scores of beaches are present on the coastline which offer an amazing experience once you are on to the beach to explore it. Water sports is one of the major attractions on the beaches as well, boat rides can also be availed which are leave from the main harbor to explore the coastline lunch and afternoon tea is also served on board during the trip.

The other attraction near Altinkum is Didim another small town which has a number of attraction along with its beaches the town is visited by large number of European visitors over the year. Didim hosts its own beach festival as well.

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