All Phones Without An IMEI Registration Number Will Be Blocked

imei numberIslamabad: All mobile phone users are warned that mobile phones without an IMEI registration number will be blocked soon. According to the reports, all low cost mobiles without an IMEI registration number will be blocked. A 250 rupees IMEI levy will be charged on all registered mobile phones through their first Sims.

According to the government sources, there were certain issues with the introduction of the 250 rupee levy on IMEI registration per mobile phone in the new budget of 2014-15, which has not been solved yet.

IMEI is the international mobile equipment identity number that all mobile phones have and can be found on the back of your phones, under the battery or on the back of your box of the mobile phone. So users have some time till to check their mobile phones for the IMEI registration number to avoid any inconvenience of their SIMs being blocked.

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