Phone Company Forged E-mails; The Arab World’s Consumers Be Aware

EbolaIn Africa, killing hundreds of terrible destruction and we Ebola deadly virus was spreading a computer virus in the world and to spread a fake e-mail being used by the famous telecommunications company, called is sent. Internet security firm Symantec has warned customers that continue to be informed by email of this type. Send an email to the attacker first Ebola fake report about the virus, but is actually a Trojan virus is a computer program used to enter each file system Attached File EBOLA-ETISALAT PRESENTATION.PDF.ZIP with email virus to enter computer program runs. Ebola fake virus reports and e-mail in addition to offering an experimental drug Ebola success story is being made through the e-mail attack. A
ttached is the file name Backdoor.Breut.

The death toll from the virus has crossed the 1,000 mark.According to the WHO, far from the brink of Ebola 1,013 people have been killed, while 1,848 people are in its grip. A patient may have been exposed to the Ebola virus was isolated in a hospital in Sacramento, California (USA), said Tuesday the Kaiser Permanente Sacramento Medical Center South.

At present there is no approved vaccine or antiviral fight against Ebola, only treatment experimental treatments.

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