Parts of Speech

Today I am going to teach you about parts of speech. There are lots of words in English language or you can say that English language consists of a lot of words and every word has its own function. These words have been divided into eight parts according to their functions and they are called “Parts of speech”. These eight parts are:

Noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, conjunction, interjection and preposition

In this lecture, you will just know a little about these eight parts. We will elaborate these topics separately in coming lessons.

Noun: Noun means name i.e. Ali, Kashif, book, house, air etc.

Pronoun: A word, used instead of a noun i.e. Ali (noun) = he (pronoun), book (noun) = it (pronoun) etc.

Adjective: A word describes a noun i.e. intelligent boy, red pen, big house etc.

Verb: A word shows action or state i.e. run, write, is, am, are etc.

Adverb: A word describes a verb i.e. run fast, eat slowly etc.

Conjunction: A word joins two or more words or sentences i.e. Rehan and Noman are brothers etc.

Interjection: A word shows emotion or feeling i.e. Alas! Shit! Oh! etc.

Preposition: A word shows place or time i.e. under the table, at 7 o’clock etc.

In the next lesson, we will learn about noun and its kinds in details.

To be continued . . .

By: Hafiz Muhammad Noman

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