Panasonic Invisible TV Controllable Amazingly by Hand Motion

Panasonic Invisible TVIn this modern age of science and technology, television has become an important source of information and awareness, by exposing immoral activities and other social issues as well. The world of electronic items is also continuously working on advancements, as Samsung is working on Smart Rings for Automation. Now, popular Japanese multinational electronics corporation has launched amazing invisible TV. Panasonic has launched this invisible TV in CES Technology Fair, in Las Vegas, USA. Invisible TV screen is a thin LCD panel which has adjustable dimensions. Recently, Microsoft has also launched smartphone in place of computer.

Actually, when you look at this invisible TV by Panasonic, you think that it is a glass fitted on a cupboard or shelves, behind which some decorations have been made. But in fact, all the decorations and things in the background of this glass are actually part of amazing technology. Micro LED’s present inside the screen launches pictures on glass panel, which are not actually transparent but amazed people. If we define Panasonic invisible TV in simple language, it is a technology which converts common glass into complete HD Display with the help of Micro LED’s.

Panasonic has not yet revealed that when this invisible TV will be launched in the market for sale, and expected price of this TV.

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