Pakistanis Deported On Fake Papers Will Be Arrested

deportedLahore: Pakistanis deported from foreign countries on charges of fake papers will be given 7 years imprisonment, penalty or both. Prior to this announcement, the federal investigation agency had instructed to consider the deported Pakistanis as affected and to not take action against them. But the FIA has announced various categories of the deported Pakistanis.

According to the director of Lahore FIA Doctor Usman, those Pakistanis returning under the VRP program wilfully will be considered as affected. Pakistanis returning according to the readmission agreement of the European Union will be considered as affected. But those deported due to fake papers have been put under two categories and they will have to face trial and will be arrested. In addition, their agents and immigration authorities will also be put under trial.

Pakistanis who left Pakistan with original papers, but used fake papers to go to another country from there, will also be arrested. FIA has instructed the immigration authorities to also stop the Pakistanis going to Malaysia and Dubai on original papers, but might try entering the European territories on fake papers.

According to Dr Usman, about 70,000 Pakistanis are deported every year. Out of these 30,000 are deported from Saudi Arab, while the rest have been deported from the European and other developed states. The Pakistanis travelling on fake papers have to pay a price for their crime, but the agents involved in this business are roaming around free in the country. The Pakistanis using fake papers usually deny to testify against these agents.

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