How Pakistanis Can Apply For Ireland & Dublin Visa

Ireland & Dublin VisaPeople from different countries require a official entry visa before reaching in the State, whether by air, sea or land. An Ireland visa is a record positioned on your passport or tour paper to indicate that you are authorized to land in the State subject to any other conditions of landing being fulfilled. This means that you will still be subject to immigration control at the point of entry to the State even if you have a visa. You may also need to register with the immigration authorities.

People from countries also require a transit visa when reaching in Ireland on way to another country. A transit visa does not allow you to leave the airport.

Visa Waiver Program

A new holiday and other temporary Visa Waiver Programme has been set up for countries whose nationals now need a visa to go to Ireland. This Program which commenced on 1 July 2011 permits nationals of countries such as India, China and the Russian Federation, who have a temporary UK visa to go to Ireland without the required for a separate Irish visa. The Program will be ended on 31 October 2016.

The Scheme will work through a reciprocal visa arrangement, whereby Ireland and the UK identify temporary visas issued by the other for passing through to their jurisdiction.

Do I need an entry visa?

You do not require a visa to land in Ireland if you are a resident of one of the countries listed below

Countries whose people are not necessary to be in possession of a valid Irish visa

Andorra Guatemala Poland
Antigua & Barbuda Guyana Portugal
Argentina Honduras Romania
Australia Hong Kong Saint Kitts & Nevis
Austria Hungary Saint Lucia
Bahamas Iceland Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
Barbados Israel Samoa
Belgium Italy San Marino
Belize Japan Seychelles
Bolivia Kiribati Singapore
Botswana Latvia Slovak Republic
Brazil Lesotho Slovenia
Brunei Liechtenstein Solomon Islands
Bulgaria Lithuania South Africa
Canada Luxembourg South Korea
Chile Macau Spain
Costa Rica Malawi Swaziland
Croatia Malaysia Sweden
Cyprus Maldives Switzerland
Czech Republic Malta Taiwan
Denmark Tonga
Dominica Mexico Trinidad & Tobago
El Salvador Monaco Tuvalu
Estonia Nauru United Kingdom & Colonies
Fiji Netherlands United States of America
Finland New Zealand Uruguay
France Nicaragua Vanuatu
Germany Norway Vatican City
Greece Panama
Grenada Paraguay


Complete Visa Form

  • 2 Passport size Photograph
  • Passport
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Presence of Mother and Father in case child has non- Pakistani parent.
  • Visa Fee

Self addressed prepaid Registered envelope (Ireland postal service only), if sending by mail. However, the Embassy reserves the right to call the applicant in person to Embassy. If necessary.

For additional necessities see below:

Visa For Dual Nationals
Pakistan visa for Dual Nationals will be arranged on the production of the following documents:-
Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) in original
Foreign Passport
Holders of National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis ( NICOP) are allowed to go into and stay in Pakistan till the validity of their NICOP without visa.

Children are in this category require to provide the following:-
(a)   Birth Certificate (Original & Photocopy)
(b)   Marriage Certificate of Parents (Original & Photocopy)
(c)   Copy of Father and mother’s Pakistani Passport and CNIC/ NICOP

Business Visa
The applicant has to provide a letter from his company (in Ireland), a letter of invitation from Pakistan and any other supporting documents. For relevant fee see “Fee Structure”.

Missionary Visa
The applicant has got to provide the following:-
Visa application form, duly completed with two photographs.

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