How Pakistani in USA can get NICOP?

A cousin born in Pakistan but raised in the United States of America (USA) is now 25, he needs a NICOP made but I assume for that he will need a B-form (Bay form) which he does not have.

Can someone guide us about the procedure/requirements of getting a B-form made for someone that age? Or can he get a NICOP without a B-form?

Original bay form is needed along with CNIC of self and parents. One parent accompanying.

Tell him to try applying online.

Would suggest to apply online (if they do!) for bay form first… giving expired CNIC numbers of parents.

If your cousin is still in US, he can go to Pakistan embassy along with parents, submit his certificate and passports (might also need NICOPs) of parents. He should get his NICOP in couple of weeks.

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