Pakistani immigrants’ Degrees in UK are leading to Void

There is a large population of Pakistanis residing in the United Kingdom. Most of them are degree holders form universities but still are driving a taxi. It has been said that in U.K every seventh Pakistani is a taxi driver. In 2004 a graduate from University of Peshawar Umar Gul went to UK for studying Health and safety, Environment at university of Sunderland on an incomplete scholarship. He today is waiting for his British passport that will be given to him next year. In Nottingham he drives a hackney taxi.

Gul said that he had completed his master’s degree in 2006. It took him 16 months to complete the degree. He said that after completing the degree he was eligible to submit an application for a visa of one-year-post study skill. He told that while he was in search of a suitable job in his field he did worked as a security guard for part time.

The home office of the United Kingdom said to Umar that if he wanted a visa extension he had to show an income of 18,000 pounds per annum to the office. In order to find a job that could fulfill the requirements of UK home office Umar hopelessly waited for several months.

Umar said that as he was unable to find a job in his field because to fresher it was paid only 15-16 pounds per annum, he started a security guard job in which he could earn 20,000 pounds per annum. However later on he left the job and now working as a taxi driver.

Wasti who is a lawyer in London said that the education of Pakistan is very low as compared to that of British education due to which Pakistani people were not able compete with British people. He also said that as driving a taxi is self-employed job so most of the Pakistanis were going towards it. They are happy to get direct payments as cash in their hands.

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