Pakistani Cricketer Expected In Bigg Boss Season 8

big bossBigg Boss Season 8 is in its last stages of preparations. The notorious show that has led to many controversies and drama among the stars involved in this show will be again hosted by Salman Khan. But another interesting rumour is wandering about the showbiz world. It is heard that a Pakistani cricketer will be made a part of the season 8 of Bigg Boss. The cricketers name will not be quoted here, as the reports are still not conformed.

News is that the Pakistani cricketer approached for this show is quiet famous in his cross-border relationship. He has still not finalized his decision about taking the contract, as he still not sure about his role at the celebrity’s residence. If this Pakistani cricketer decides to take part in the show, then the season 8 will have a perk to start with. But stars have not ended well after this show. It’s a risky business to be in this show, because a lot is at stake.

The Bigg Boss is a reality based program in which celebrities spend three months together in a house and during their stay; they have to perform some specific tasks as well. The promo of this show will be shot in Bangkok by Salman Khan.

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