How Pakistani Citizens Can Get Registered Sim Card In Saudi Arabia

Registered Sim CardIn this modern world, mobile phone had become a necessity for all the individuals in order to stay connected with the whole world. That is why, it is also necessary for those Pakistani other nationals who went to Saudi Arabia for jobs or any other reason, to get sim card in order to be connected with their loved ones. But the problem is that they are not well aware of the procedure to get registered sim cards in Saudi Arabia. So here we are defining all the procedures for Pakistani citizens to get registered sim card in Saudi Arabia.

 Procedure To Get Registered Sim Card In Saudi Arabia

  • First of all, purchase sim card from Baqala (Shop) or hawkers sitting at footpath.
  • Hawker will not give you the choice to select the number, so if you want to buy a number of your choice, go to Hawker and choose your number.
  • The amount of balance in the sim is actual price of sim card however hawker will charge some extra amount or golden numbers.
  • Keep this in your mind that sim card is ready to use after purchase and you can use sim balance but you cannot able to recharge it because this will require the registration of sim.
  • After purchasing sim card, go to the office of particular telecommunication company of which you purchased sim card with your Iqama and sim card.
  • Present your sim card and Iqama and asked them to register that sim on your name.
  • After the registration, you can freely use and recharge your sim card without any worry.

Some Important Tips

  • Take the brochures of all the packages from shopkeeper or hawker. You can also see it at the company’s website.
  • Select the package of your own choice from given packages. Some packages offer cheaper call rates and some packages offer cheaper sms. So select your package carefully.
  • If you want to use internet on your mobile, carefully select the internet package from given options. Select bundle package if your usage is high otherwise daily and hourly packages are also available for temporary use.
  • If you had some problem regarding sim card, feel free to contact customer care center of the particular telecommunication company.

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