Pakistan Govt Doing Nothing For Jobs In Dubai Related To Expo 2020

Expo 2020 DubaiOne of the biggest event of Expo which is going to be happened in Dubai in 2020 that created around 2 million vacancies in United Arab Emirates. This event is the golden opportunity for UAE friendly underdeveloped countries to export their labour and manpower but the Pakistani Government is doing nothing to avail this opportunity. According to the reports, the authorities of Dubai have started the preparations just after it was announced last year that Dubai will going to host Expo 2020. The preparations for this event are entered in the middle phase and authorities are making new infrastructure for Dubai Expo 2020.

Many under developed countries have contacted the Dubai authorities and shown their interest to provide manpower for this event but Pakistani Government is unaware of this situation. According to an estimate, the companies and organizations taking part in this event will require engineers, specialist and general labour of around 1.7 million or 17 Lacs. The companies and higher authorities of India, Bangladesh and other under developing countries have contacted last year with the Dubai authorities and are lobbying for exporting their manpower.

Anwar Baig, the expert for the affairs of overseas Pakistanis has evaluate that Dubai will require around 15 to 17 lac workers for this event and it is very attractive opportunity for Pakistan to export 7 to 8 lac workers.

It is to be noted that Expo 2020 in Dubai will last for 6 months and around 40 million people will visit Dubai from all over the world during this event.

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