Pakistan Fights Measles Through Nationwide Vaccination Campaign

vaccinated childrenMeasles is one of the most contagious & highly infectious diseases in the world. Unfortunately in past few years the incidents of #Measles have doubled. To fight measles government of Pakistan initiated a nationwide vaccination campaign.

The nationwide campaign in Pakistan started on 15th October and continued till 27th October 2018. This was part of an international campaign because the increase in the cases of Measles was not a local phenomenon rather World Health Organization (WHO) observed an overall increase throughout the world.

According to World Health Organization 550,100 people lost their lives due to measles in year 2000 but with an effective vaccination campaign the deaths were reduced to 89,780 in 2016. But now the cases are once again increasing.

In 2016 there were 19,148 suspected cases of Measles in Pakistan but in 2018 the figures even before the year end are 32,000. This is an alarming situation for Pakistan which is already fighting to eradicate Polio from the country.

Nationwide vaccination was the right step because WHO recommends 95% vaccination coverage to stop an outbreak of Measles. Such high percentage of coverage is necessary because one affected person can spread the disease to 9 out of 10 unvaccinated people.

Unfortunately in Pakistan most districts and provinces fail to meet the 95% coverage standard, rather most provinces have 50% or less vaccination coverage.

Measles vaccination teams

The nationwide campaign aimed to change this by vaccinating 32 million young children who are most vulnerable by Measles.

Health teams visited all parts of the country including snow covered towns in Skardu and small villages in the desert area of Balochistan.

People appreciated the campaign which will protect thousands of children from measles. According to WHO vaccination against Measles has prevented 20.4 million deaths in the world. This reflects the importance of vaccination.

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