Pakistan & Britain Business Communities Will Work Together

Syed Ibne Abbas, Pakistan High Commissioner to UK said that Pakistan business communities want to make a better relationship with Britain business communities. They should avail benefits from these opportunities.

Further he told that Pakistan government and business community’s want strong relation. He invited Britain businessmen to come Pakistan and get advantage from existing business opportunities. Pakistan High Commissioner also highlights the importance of youth participation in social and welfare activities.

British Airline will train Pakistan International Airline (PIA) air hostess and staff for the betterment of organization.

Syed Ibne Abbas said we have started business and professional program (BPP) it is a unique program for entrepreneurship, professional and industrialist regarding exchanging views and collaboration. As our key program provide complete assistance to promote the business opportunities between Pakistan and British business communities. In addition this program serves to introduce the opportunities and potential partners in United Kingdom (UK) those who can play an important role to enhance and boost these business opportunities with a wide range of networking channel for professional.

By Talha Pasha

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