Pakistan has 196th Position Out Of 199th Visa Free Countries

Visa Free EntriesHenley and Partners recently issued a report which was developed in association with International Air Transport Association, which had largest facts and figures of the air transportation passengers. A research obtained on this report which was named as “Visa Restrictions Index”, states that Pakistan stood on 196th position out of 199 countries of visa free entries.  In other words, Pakistan is at the position of 196 out of 199 countries and islands whose citizens get free visa of the maximum countries. In this list, only Iraq and Afghanistan came after Pakistan who had minimum free visa entries facility in the world. Pakistan and Somalia shared 196th position in this list and that is why, 197th position doesn’t contain any country or island name.

According to this list, the citizens of Finland, Sweden and England had the facility of visa free entries in the maximum countries or islands which is 173 and this is why, they are on the top of this list. The Citizens of Denmark, America, Luxembourg and Germany had the facility to enter in 172 countries without any visa while the citizen of Belgium, Italy and Holland can enter in 171 countries or islands without any visa.

Unfortunately, the citizen’s of all Islamic countries of the world doesn’t have the facility to enter in 100 countries without any visa. In Islamic world, Malaysia and Brunei are the countries whose citizens can enter in maximum number of countries without any visa that is 163 and 146 respectively.


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