Overseas Pakistanis’ Status of Residence in Canada

Pakistani people started to migrate to Canada in a few number in 1950s and 1960s. The immigration law favored those citizens who were well educated and skilled. The Pakistani citizens who went to Canada in that time period were having excellent qualifications. Many claimed that they would return to their home country (i.e., Pakistan) after they had earned enough. While the students who went for study also claimed the same that after finishing of their studies they will go back back. However some of them did came to Pakistan and many didn’t.

According to the Canadian government and the record from Canadian poll of 2006 by StatsCan point out that almost 124,000 Canadians claim Pakistani descents. However some reports show that the data has been doubled till today. While some reports estimate the Pakistani Canadian as 250,000 in number. As the government of Canada states that the amount is 300,000.

Most of the Pakistanis there have their own businesses, some doing jobs and others studying. They are enjoying their live with many facilities available. As well skilled and educated Pakistani citizens are traveling to such countries to earn a good living.

However there are many people who are living below poverty line in Canada. According to the Canadian poll at least 44 percent of the Pakistani born immigrants are living below poverty line. This makes them the second largest group living in poverty.

The local Pakistani residents especially students are encouraged to set off for Canada for higher education. In this way they could help their country by studying there and learning about new technologies. Skilled persons can also get better opportunities.

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