Overseas Pakistanis CNIC Problem resolved by NADRA

Islamabad: National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has resolved one of the biggest issues of the overseas Pakistanis by positively responding over the grant of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC). MNA’s discussed the delay in issuance of the CNICs at the National Assembly (NA).

National Assembly members including Farhana Qamar highlighted the matter upon which Baligh Ur Rehman, Pakistan’s Minister of State for Interior took the notice.  The interior minister assured that within 10 days CNICs shall be granted on the payment of urgent fee, while the normal fee will take 40 days for the process.

man with aeroplane and nic

The upper house had been misinformed that NADRA is issuing CNICs on the time to the overseas Pakistanis.  According to the media reports, the department did not fulfill the demands of the Overseas Pakistanis, who face 7 months delay in getting their CNICS.

Two years back in 2012, NADRA had initiated the process of issuing the overseas Pakistanis with CNIC, especially those living in Europe. Confidential information of the Overseas Pakistanis is accessed by selected group members of NADRA.

The CNICS cards called locally are called NICOPs (Smart National Identity Cards for Overseas Pakistanis). In addition to the visa free-entry, the cards allow the Overseas Pakistanis travel in Europe, avail banking services and enjoy better security. Being equipped with NICOPs is helpful to the foreign based Pakistanis.

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