Opening Hours of Rumeli Hisari – Ottoman’s Architecture

Rumeli-HisariWhile your trip to Istanbul peep into the History of the Rumeli Hisari located in the Sariyer District of Istanbul, present on a hill in Bosphorus on the European side. Actually built in mid 1400s in the Ottoman Empire served for multiple purposes over time. The fortress had around it three large towers. One is situated next to the gate, the other one next at the South and one at North. Sultan Mehmed II ordered to build the fortress, the great towers are named after the ministers of the Sultan who in fact also built the towers.

It is known that to motivate the workers Sultan ordered to build the castle in shape of Arabic Word ‘MUHAMMAD’ the name of last Prophet as per religion Islam. The castle is fortified by three bigger towers and small tower and along with it chain of watch towers. Some of the watch towers are shaped in prism with six edges and some with multiple edges and some are in cylindrical shape as well.

The castle remain inhabited till 1950s until the president of that time ordered the relocation of the inhabitants as an extensive restoration project for castle was initiated. Later on the same castle was converted into Museum and the castle also hosted an open air theatre, several festivals are also held in the castle. You can visit the castle throughout week except Wednesday.

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