Object Of A Sentence

We have learned about subject and verb. Today, we will learn about object of a sentence. Object Receiver of an action is said to be the object of a sentence.

When subject performs an action, the action goes somewhere and something or someone receives it, that person or thing is the object of a sentence. For instance: I write a letter/ He eats an apple/ I teach you etc.

In the first sentence, a letter is the object which receives action of writing. In the second sentence, an apple is the object which receives the action of eating and since it is receiving the action, it is finished gradually. In the third sentence, you is the object because whatever I teach you, you receive it and understand.

NOTE: You will find object after main verb (transitive verb). You will not find object after (intransitive) and helping verbs. Transitive and Intransitive verbs are the two types of main verbs which we will learn later.


A word or a group of words that is used instead of object but does not receive any action is said to be complement.

As I told you that you will not find object after helping verbs, hence the thing you will find in that pace will be a complement. The word complement means to complete. For instance:

If I say “he is”. These words do not complete the sense. To complete the sense, I will have to use a word or some words that will be complement. For instance:

He is a doctor/ She is my mother/We are friends etc.

In these three sentences, the words “a doctor”, “my mother” and “friends” are complement because they are completing the sense of the sentences.

To be continued …

By: Hafiz Muhammad Noman

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