Novel’s Plot Structure

The Basic Elements OF A Novel:The plot of any story usually begins with what we call the exposition in which we are introduced to: The setting: where and when the story takes place. The main character and sometimes other key characters. Clues to the kinds of struggles the main character is likely to face

The next stage in the pot is the rising action. This is usually a string of events in which the main character goes through all kinds of problems and challenges (conflict). We often become quite involved as this part of the plot unfolds and are keen to discover what happens next.

The rising action leads us to the climax which is the high point of the story and where the main character faces his or her most intense challenge. This leads us to falling action (denouncement)which usually refers to one or several event s that lead fairly quickly to the end. Often, we would want to know if conflict has been resolved or not.

Finally, we have the end which is known as the resolution, which usually leaves readers experiencing some feeling of satisfaction no matter what the outcome is.

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