Non-Muslims Not Allowed To Enter Makkah And Madina

Makkah Traffic BoardMakkah and Madina are the Holy cities of Islam and they both are the sacred places in Saudi Arabia. Due to this fact, Non Muslims are not allowed to enter in Makkah and Madina. Before entering in Makkah and Madina, the travelers found traffic board which instructs the Non Muslim drivers to divert other way. The embassies of Non-Muslim countries also teach their citizens who are willing to travel Saudi Arabia that not to enter in Makkah and Madina. But the question arises that what kind of punishment do the Non-Muslim gets if they found entering in both the sacred cities. So here we are defining the punishments for Non-Muslims who caught in both the cities.

Punishments For Non Muslims Enter In Makkah and Madina

Non-Muslims who found in Makkah and Madina by the authorities, presented in front of judge whether they belongs to any religion except Islam. The judge of the Honorable Court will hear the authorities and accused person and decides the punishment if found guilty. Normally, if any Non-Muslim entered in both these cities planning to defame Islam, he/she will be sentenced to death. If he/she found doing nothing or just came there accidently, could be left with the warning but they could also be deported with a lifetime ban for any reason.

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