No Iqamas Provided Without Fingerprints : Saudi Govt

FingerprintThe Passport Department has informed people and expats that it would not concern new or renew home allows unless all foreign employees and dependents over 15 have recorded their fingerprints. Maj. Ahmad Fahd Al-Luhaidan, presenter of the department, said that the public has waited for fulfilling with the instruction. If people did not overtake to perform so, the department would stop all right of entry to online passport and other services.

“The department is the government agency allocated to gather all the fingerprints of residents in the Kingdom. We have performed this tasks methodically and regularly, by bringing into line the subject of iqamas for newcomers at the airports with the registration of their fingerprints,” Al-Luhaidan told.

Al-Luhaidan said the department had set up the events regularly over the past three years because it did not require to disturb the lives of people and expats. This is the final stage of that procedure.  He said that the department connected fingerprint registration with three services as well as the issue of re-entry visas, alter of profession, and information moved, he said. The department commenced forwarding out text messages remind citizens about what they require to perform. He said residents would make sure whether they recorded their fingerprints ۔

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