Newly Nishinoshima Island To Serve as Laboratory in Exploring Evolution

Japan_New IslandAn Island which recently emerged in the Pacific Ocean as stable island and which stands the part of Ogasawara Chain of Islands has been dedicated for the purpose of study and research. Nishinoshima which actually is a volcanic Island is about 1000 km away from Tokyo, the Island is also known as Rosario Island. The piece of land is protected by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) which allowed the Scientists and Researchers to study the evolution in a complete barren land.

Going into the history to know about the formation of the Island. This region was volcanically active from a long time whereas no single eruption was reported until 1973. In 1973-74 the volcano erupted giving birth to a new small Island. The volcano’s activity was quiet intense, the volcano sent up small igneous rocks 300 meters into the air along with other erupted materials. Originally it had two cones erecting out of earth later on the erupted magma contributed in enlargement of the Island, the white smoke rose to height of around 1500 meters.

Later on, in 2013 volcano erupted again which created a new island on the southern end of the previously existed piece of Land. By the end of 2013 the island rose to the height of about 80 feet above sea level at the highest point. The area of the newly born piece of land is about 56000 square meters. It is believed that this land will be able to maintain its presence over the time if it stays at safe height above sea level. The growth was so fast that two pieces of land joined together to form up a larger piece of land. This newly formed land was around 1km across.

Later on, in 2014 the lava continued to flow further increasing the size of the island. At the end of the 2014 Japanese Authorities confirmed that the island has extended up to 2.3 square km in area. The experts predicted that it will rise to the height of 110 meters above the sea level.


The lava cooled down and converted into land consists of rocks. According to the scientists the conditions are optimum for development of an ecosystem.


The scientists are interested to study how the plants will grow in this newly formed ecosystem. How the animals will become the habitats of the land. They are more interested to study the starting point of the evolutionary processes. If an ecosystem is created then this can be a place for high attraction of tourists.


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