New Technology To Stamp Out Illegal Bowling Actions: ICC

Tsensorhe ICC expects new technology can get rid of subjectivity from the equation, making contravention clear-cut throughout considered, in real-time data. He said more where umpires have repeatedly been hesitant to tell the report their suspicions to match officials then technology can be used.

The International Cricket Council has been working with Australian researchers to build up wearable “inertial” sensors that can measure bowlers’ actions against the acceptable limit for over two years. Allardice thinks that the program me has arrived key milestones and is nowadays in its third and final phase but challenges remain,

He said more “There’s a fair bit of work to do before we will be able to utilize them in a match setting”. This next phase will possibly take 18 months to two years. You wouldn’t look forward to it to be trialed in a match situation until mid-2015 at the earliest.

Whereas the more is already helpful and useful in analysis, the sensors still be short of the ability to measure the arm’s straightness while the bowling curve, a vital key to formative the fine line between a legal action and throwing. The increasing of the sensors has to be more perfect so that data cannot be negotiated and compromised to an unbearable extent.

“If you’re in a match situation, the increasing of the sensors of the arm is to be much ideal so that they don’t move position. If bowlers do, then the calibration is troubled,” added the Australian. The technology of sensors has already been tested on young cricketers, at the Under-19 World Cup in Dubai providing data during net practices.

The sensors that are attached with the bowler’s upper arm and forearm reached the point where they can effectively notice the moment when a ball is bowled in a delivery.


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