New Feature Of Facebook Will Transcribe Users Voice Messages

Online Social Networking Service provider Facebook has announced to launch its new feature that will transcribe users Voice Messages. The voice messages sent by one user to another via Facebook will be transcribed by the service provider. Facebook’s vice president of messaging products, David Marcus announced this news for the users through his Status. David Marcus also mentioned in his status that Facebook team always look for the newest and useful features for their users in order to facilitate by all means. According to David Marcus, this feature let Facebook users to send Voice messages to their Friends or any another user and this application will transcribe that content into text message.

Currently, Facebook users click on a Microphone icon and speak the required message want to convey to another user and sent that audio clip to the recipient and receiver had to listen that. But through this new application, the recipient also convert that voice message into the text by simply clicking “Auto Create” option. Through this application, users does not need Headphones to receive the voice messages sent by others.Facebook Voice Masanger

David Marcus also mentioned that this feature will be initially available at a tiny scale, as a part of testing service and then provided to the users widely if approved.

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