NADRA SNIC & CNIC Online Verification

nadraNADRA is in charge for providing the computerized national identity cards to the resident of Pakistan, sustaining their responsive informational improved in the government databases, and protecting national identities of the residents of Pakistan from being snatched or stolen and theft. It is one of the major government database organization, utilizing more than 11,000 people in more than 800 local offices and five global offices. It also claims to keep the record for maintaining the major bio metric database of residents in the world.

In the taking part of technology, NADRA has one more accomplishment whereas it commences a very useful and helpful service for getting CNIC details verified Now you don’t require to go into NADRA offices to have someone’s details confirmed or to have some details according to this.

NADRA has made very easy now to verify  and confirm anyone if anyone is going to get dealing or are appointing him or her.

Merely get their CNIC verified by just sending an SMS to 7000

Write down the CNIC number without making dashes and forward it to 7000 in reply you will have to receive name and father’s name  of that particular CNIC number holder

Example write 53528222223585 and send to 7000

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