NADRA: NICOP Process & Easy Step To Get Card

Question about NADRA NICOP processes. I am an American citizen of Pakistani origin. I have my old, expired Pakistani passport, my original birth certificate, and a very ancient old fashioned Shanakhti Card [National Identity Card (NIC)] but no original of my parents’ Pakistani IDs. My US passport has a different last name (as I am married now and my husband is not of Pakistani origin). How difficult will it be to get a first time

NICOP card for me via online application? I will be traveling to Pakistan soon and am also wondering if I should have it sent directly to my parents’ house in Pakistan or have it sent here is US where I live. How reliable are the delivery timelines displayed on their website. Please help, very confused.

People replied: 

You can’t have it mailed if you are applying here in Pakistan. Secondly you need both passports and your parents’ id cards. Once you apply for regular card u will get within 45 working days. If urgent you will get in 10 days. Any of your blood relation can pick from NADRA office after getting SMS on mobile from them.

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for fresh registration:
1) Original and valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) / National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) of father
2) Any one of the following documents: (self) original

*Matric certificate issued by board
*Computerized b-form issued by National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA)
3) Original Nikah Nama /marriage certificate

These are the requirements you need if you apply from embassy.

If u apply from Pakistan then presence of father is mandatory along with all the above mentioned documents.

For online process visit

Pakistan consulate in New York sucks big time. I tried making my NICOP n it took 6 months to get it. Meanwhile my brother got his done from Pakistan in a month.

Fee was the same after conversion. But you have to be physically present while getting it renewed regardless of what country you reside in. So you have to travel to Pakistan on a visa which is usually given the very same day you apply for. Then go to Pakistan n visit NADRA. As for the name change, just bring along your Nikkah certificate and your parents NIC or smart card.

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