Museum of Anatolian Civilizations – History of Turkey

Museum of Anatolian CivilizationsThe Museum of Anatolian Civilizations is a perfect place to visit for those who are interested to learn more about the past of Turkey specifically about the ancient culture of Antolia. The museum is housed in a 15th Century covered market. The interesting part is that the artifacts are specifically picked up and everything is not just rushed into the museum. The representation of each side and time is ensured while placing and arranging the artifacts.

It will be a treat to see all the artifacts placed in a chronological order making it easy to move in a logical sequence. The artifacts include statues and reliefs which are from Bronze Age, Lydian period, Urartian period and so on and so forth. The Greek artifacts and Roman artifacts also form part of the collection hosted in the museum. The history of Ankara is also exhibited in a very beautiful way, along with it wall paintings and sculptures from Catahoyuk which is known to be an important Neolithic site are also exhibited in the museum.

You can reach there via the Ulus metro and I have a tip for you which you should keep in mind once you visit be there early to avoid the large numbers of visitors to make your tour more comfortable and focused.

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