Musa Pak Express Train Schedule & Daily timings

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Pakistan is full of beautiful tourism sites and recreational places. Thanks to the widespread network of rail tracks and trains that these places are easily accessible in reasonable rates and within the reach of a common man.

Musa Pak Express is one of a kind Pakistani express train that carries passengers between Lahore and Multan Cantt. The train is popular, speedy and takes passengers on daily basis. The train starts its journey from a stop of Multan city named Multan Cantonment 117 up and back to Rawalpindi named 118 down.

The train covers major stations in the area it touches. The train timings according to time table from 15th April 2015 to 14th October 2015 are provided here.

Timings From 117 Up Multan to Lahore

From Multan to Sahiwal:

Train starts from Multan at 00:30. It lands at Sahiwal by 2:42 and leaves the station at 02:44.

Sahiwal to Raiwand Station:

The next station it stops is of Rai Wind JN where it reaches at 04:06 and departs at 04:08.

Raiwand Station to Kot Lakhpat and Forward:

From Rai Wand the train leads to Kot Lakhpat at arrives here at 04:43 and leaves this stop at 04:45 for Lahore Jn, where it reaches at 05:20.

Timings from 119 DN Lahore to Mutan

Lahore to Kot Lakhpat:

Train starts at Lahore Jn at 18:00, arrives at Kot Lakhpat by 18:20 and waits till 18:22.

Raiwand to Sahiwal:

The next stop is Raiwind where it reaches at 18:46 and departs at 18:48, and from here it heads to Sahiwal and lands there at 20:36.

Final Station Multan Cantt:

The final stop is Multan Cantt where the train reaches at 22:50.

Fares aren’t included in the details of articles and are subjected to change. Therefore, customer must consult the relevant department of fares and specific details.

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