A Mother Sold Her 9 Months Old Daughter For Money

sold-9-month-dautharPakistan has currently observed a high growing tendency in child sale by parents. Poor people are by this technique as a new creation for addressing the problems of scarcity and sufferings. despite deep entrenched culture of return for marriage of female children or women in rural parts of the country, buy and sell of children by criminal mafias and charge of children by drug addict parents for begging and child labor; Moreover these days parents are selling their child to those do not have child.

Same case happened in Bakapur. Mother sold her nine months old daughter for thirty thousand rupees. According to sources, resident of Bakapur Ghulam Mustafa’s wife Shahida Bibi went with her nine months old daughter Noor Shehzadi to Raziya’s clinic for treatment. Ghulam Mustafa reached clinic when his wife did not come after passing two days. He asked to her wife about his daughter then she was unable to answer then Raziya Bibi told that his daughter has been sold to Kofi Sabeel ullah. They did not have a child. Shahida sold them her daughter for 30000 rupees. Police filed the case against wife and Raziya Bibi.

Government should take steps against these types of greedy people to stop these activities.

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