Mosques And Madarsas Charged For Television In Electric Bills By WAPDA

mosquesHyderabad: WAPDA has included a television fee in the electric bill of Mosques and Madarsa during the Holy month of Ramazan also. The national social organizations have expressed their concerns over the matter. This has disturbed many as mosques will be forced to pay for television expenses, with which clearly they have no connection to.

According to details, WAPDA has included Rs 35 for television in the electric bills that have been sent to the various mosques of Sargodha and Sillanwali. In addition, some of the commercial users, who have no use of television in their businesses, have also been charged Rs 35 for television in their electric bills.

Various national groups have expressed their concern and anguish on the inclusion of Rs 35 for television license fee in their electric bill as they find no explanation on this step taken by WAPDA. Mosques and madarsas have no usage of television and till they are charged for the television license fee, which is totally unfair and unjustifiable.

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