Mobilink Lie To Its Customers Caught

mobilinkLahore: A recent scam launched by the Pakistan’s biggest mobile network, Mobilink through its’Ghantay Bundle 24’ offer has been caught. Mobile Companies in Pakistan are continuously making a fool of their customers through their ambiguous ads, which are giving wrong information about their packages through their ads so that they can attract more and more customers and hence fill their pockets with money. Similarly, in this add the customers are offered unlimited calls for 24 hours on any Mobilink number for just Rs 10+tax.

According to an online magazine, ‘Brand Scenario’, the company’s website states that the user will only be allowed calls for 75 minutes in Rs 10+tax through the ‘Ghantay Bundle 24’ package. When the user has used up 75 minutes, calls made after that will be charged according to their usual rates.

This is not the first time that the mobile users have suffered at the hands of the various mobile networks. In fact people are losing faith in these mobile networks and many are reverting back to the usual landline. The amount of money spent on making these extravagant ads to fool the public is depressing. In this advertisement also, at the end the actor quotes ‘Sir Jhukanay Ka Nahi, Kuch Chupanay Ka Nahi’, while doing the exact opposite.

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