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Mehr Express is one of a good ranking train among the trains of Pakistan Railways. It runs between Multan to Rawalpindi, following the stations of Rawalpindi via Muzaffargarh, Kundian Mianwali on daily basis. The train is serving the Pakistani passengers with excellence and devotion. It runs between the stations named Multan 127 up and Rawalpindi 130 down. The train is also famous with different names like Pindi Express and Attaullah. Detailed timings and stations of the Mehr Express are provided here in accordance with the recent and updated information available.

Timings of Mehr Express from Multan to Rawalpindi:

Timings from Multan to Bhakkar

The train starts its journey at 16:15 from Multan Cant From here it continues and moves forward. The train reaches the stop of Sher Shah Jn at 16:31, Muaffargarh at 16:48, Budho at 17:7, Mahmud Kot at 17:24, Gurmani at 17:37, Sanawan at 17:47, Kot Adu Jn at 18:05, Dera Dinpanah at 18:25, Ahsan Pur at 18:37, Kot Sultan at 18:51, Jaman Shah at 19:05, Leiah at 19:18, Karor at 19:48, Behal at 20:10, Bhakkar at 20:35. Here the train stops for 5 minutes for a minor gap.

Timings from Bhakkat to Kundian Jn:

Later the train leaves the station of Bhakkar at 20:40. It continues the journey and reaches the stop of Darya Khan at 21:00, Panj Girain at 21:16, Shahalam at 21:28, Kallur Kot at 21:58, Piplan at 22:24, 22:43 is the arrival time at the station of Alluwali, then it reaches Kundian Jn at 23:05. Here the train stops for a long period and gives rest to the passengers, it waits for around half an hour nearly i.e. 25 minutes so that people may relax, buy necessary goods, and enjoy recreation at this station.

Kundian to Domel and forward:

After 25 minutes of stay at Kundian Jn train heads forward for upcoming stations. It reaches Mianwali at 00:02 and leaves the station at 00:10, reaches Pai Khel at 00:32, then Daud Khel Jn at 00:50, then Makhad Road at 01:30, then Injra at 01:45, then Chhab at 02:05, then Jhamat at 02:21, then Uchhri at 02:40, then Jand Jn at 03:02, then Domel at 03:41, then Basal Jn at 03:55, then Fateh Jang at 04:49, then Tarnoul at 05:19. Then Golra Sharif Jn at 05:30, then Nur at 05:50 and the final stop it reaches is Rawalpindi at 06:00.

Timings of Mehr Express from Rawalpindi to Multan:

The timings and stations here are in reverse order to that of above.

Note: Fares and prices of tickets depend on the decision of Pakistan Railway and aren’t provided here. Consult the responsible department.

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