Meera Prays In The Most Peculiar Fashion

meera prayingThe Pakistani actress Meera recently made headlines in the newspapers when she visited a social welfare organization and then at the Azan, started praying in the most peculiar way imaginable! Meera astounded all those around her when she didn’t even bothered to face the Qibla, which is by the way, the foremost condition of the prayers for a Muslim and without which a Muslim cannot start their prayers! Meera supposedly being brought in a Muslim family should know this basic condition.

This was not all! She then went on praying without covering her head or making the slightest change in her state as an act of preparing for prayers and [alert-success]then offered only one Rakat of Namaz to finish of the basic obligation of a Muslim to Allah. It was amusing to watch the way her fingers kept on hammering lightly against her knees as if confused what to do next in her prayers.[/alert-success] Nothing more can be said about this Pakistani actress who never stops to amuse the public.

Meera has been trying to redeem her lost glory. She recently made a noble attempt to visit the social welfare organization Dar-ul-Sukoon for special children and spent her time among these children. She also vowed to raise funds for the school project also. But it should have been better, if she would have refrained from praying in this manner at all, as her image has received another major blow through this absurd manner of praying in front of the media personnel and all.

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