McDonalds Using Expired Chicken Products

hus foodsThe Pakistani’s have put their trust on the Pakistan regulation authorities to assure the import of Halal items in Pakistan. But unfortunately, this is not the case and several reports have been published on the identification of Haram items in Pakistan. Being a Muslim state, the Pakistani’s are consuming these items considering them Halal. Recently, Chinese electronic media exposed a US owned food processor Husi Food Co, owned by the OSI Group of Aurora working in China. A footage was leaked in which the employees were shown mixing expired meat with the fresh meat and then packing them with new expiry dates.

The Hussi Food Co has been supplying chicken to McDonald’s; a fact admitted by McDonalds itself. The company has been shut down by the Chinese government. This company has also been supplying beef and chicken to other international fast food chains as well. The international fast food chains in Pakistan are also importing chicken products such as Nuggets and Chicken patty from Husi Foods Company Ltd.

The custom records of Pakistan revealed the import of tons of chicken from the same company daily. In May alone about 41 tons of chicken products were imported, while in June about 71 tons were imported. The chicken products are being exported by the food companies at a very cheap price with the additional benefit of a 16% lower import duty from China.

Inspite of such concerns, the Pakistani authorities have taken no action at the provincial or the federal level and are reluctant to destroy the expired meat even after conformation of the Chinese government. The Pakistani customs rely in supplier certification instead of periodic inspections of slaughter houses. So the import of expired and Haram items goes unchecked. The concerned agencies have implied no rules on the export of chicken and beef items to Pakistan. There are no proper facilities to inspect the imported meat.

The authorities do not even assure whether the beef and chicken imported comply with the Shariah requirements. There is no verification of whether the meat is free of diseases or has been slaughtered according to the Shariah. The Chinese allow stunning for production of Halal meat. The Ulema need to address this matter and ban the import of Haram meat.

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