MCB Bank Is Doing Investment In Manufacturing Sector

MCB Bank is doing investment in manufacturing sector since January 2016 at a faster pace than November 2015. According to the MCB Bank’s purchasing managers index registered value is 64.54 in January 2016.

At this time manufacturing sector is growing at a solid pace with Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM). It is increasing on year to year basis. According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBF) investment was recorded 4.43 percent from July to November 2015.

Further State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) increased credit limit for corporate sectors by 339.8 billion because of improving financial condition of corporate sector owing to which corporate sector is going towards betterment. It will create more employment opportunities in Pakistan.

Overall the economic activity of the manufacturing sector is going toward betterment.  Manufacturing PMI serves as a leading indicator of the manufacturing sector in the country. Manufacturing sector and GDP is typically highly correlated.

By Talha Pasha

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