Mathira Held Secretly Married.

Lahore: Model and actress kMathira held secretly marriednown for certain advertising Mathira held secretly married a year ago in front of the groom, but the actress has denied.

She revealed in an interview. Birthday wishes on the occasion of the 22-year-old actress she got married a year ago, but only her family and close friends know about marriage no one else yet.

She said that people create problems, keeping the family safe and needs to close again and do not want to get broken heart that’s why she does not want to disclose the groom’s name but indicated at the right time to guide the groom’s face, the concerns of Pakistan and not from showbiz.

In response to a question she accidentally met her husband then began meeting, the awesome, and not clever, got married in a small ceremony in Pakistan.

To get married does not commit sin, she does not allow to discuss her personal life, everyone arranges a marriage for him or herself, no big deal, even for me, the small matter of the heart’s.

The actress told that she is trying to separate a married life and showbiz, the husband is not a problem and showbiz does not affect family life.

She claimed that she is acting in 2 Indian films that have almost 50% been completed and more details about the films or the team avoided.

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