Massage Center in Garden Town Lahore is Promoting Vulgarity

Nowadays youngster has started a new way to do a new activity in their spare time due to that environment is being spoiled and as well as new generation . Dance clubs are being opened In all over the world. Massage Center in Garden Town Lahore is Promoting Vulgarity. It is just a massage center by name but in real all kind of prostitution activities are being done. In past, these type of activities or clubs were in others countries but now these clubs are also running in Pakistan where people come to do all kind of prostitution activities.

Massage Center has opened by Sheen and Nadia Ali Malik in Garden Town Lahore.In this club naked massage of male is done. Swimming pool is also made in this club where sort of womanizing facilities are being provided. They are inviting people for prostitution in the name of massage. Dancing area is also made separately where Club Dancers seduce people while dancing.


After Successive failure in Showbiz  Aged Sheen and Nadia Ali limitized themselves with this club.Sheen has also taken responsibilities to introducing new models. Sheen and Nadia Ali are working hard to increase the memberships of their club. Manager Adnan and Moon keep reporting on phone about new staff. In addition, rich people are invited on Sheen’s Form house for womanizing.  Government of Punjab should take some serious measure to stop these clubs.


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