Marvi Passenger Train Schedule and Daily Timings

Marvi Passenger Train is a train service by Pakistan Railways. The train is running for a long time with balance and schedule. It carries the passengers between Mirpur Khas and Khokharopar. It is a popular train among public that is running continuously. The stops are exactly named as Khokharopar 345 and the other is Mirpur Khas 336. Here are the recent updated timings and schedule of Kohat Mixed Train stations according to the recent updated schedule.

Timings and stations of Marvi Passenger Train from Khokhropar to Mirpur Khas:

From Khokhropar to Chhor:

The train starts its journey from Khokhropar at 6:00. It moves ahead an reaches the next point of Vasar Bah on 6:16, then Jalo Jo Chaunro on 6:31, then Parche Ji Veri on 6:45, it continues further until It reaches New Chhor on 6:58 then Chhor on 7:09.

From Chhor to Dhoro Naro:

From here train departs at 7:18 after a wait of 10 minutes. Then it moves ahead and reaches Samrasar at 7:28, then Hasisar at 7:35, then Sardar at 7:45, then Dhoro Naro at 7:54.

From Faqir Truko Mangrio to Shadpali and Forward:

Train continues and moves to the next stop Faqir Truko Mangrio at 8:07, then Pithoro Junction at 8:21, then Saindad at 8:32, then Shadpali at 8:43.

It reaches Abdullahabad at 8:52, then Balochabad at 8:59, then Jamaro Junction 9:12 and lastly at the destination Mirpur Khas Junction at 9:30.

Timings and stations of Marvi Passenger Train from Mirpur Khas to Khokhropar:

Stations from Mirpur Khan Junction to Khokhropar are reverse to the stations mentioned above.

Note: Prices and fares of ticket are subjected to change which should be asked from the railway at the help-line 02135499111.

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