Istanbul’s Golden Horn Waterway – Famous Ferry Cruise Tour

Golden-hornThe Golden Horn is a water inlet which separates the Northern and Southern Istanbul apart. It’s also in the list of must visit places for tourists visiting Istanbul. The waterway is named Golden Horn as the shape of the estuary is more like a horn and is known to be Golden owing to multiple reasons according to the locals. First reason is from the history of the town as this was the passage which connected Istanbul with other regions of the globe and brought in gold and wealth for the town from outside in lieu of trade and other business activities. The other reason is that the place seems romantic at the time of sunset in view of Poets and Artists.

You can take a Ferry cruise across the Golden Horn to fully enjoy the Beauty of the surroundings and the water itself. The ferry cruise is a shorter cruise of course but will be mesmerizing experience as you will voyage from one side to the other and returning from the other to the initial point from where you began.

The beautiful views can also be enjoyed from the Galata Bridge although many argue that the M2 Metro Bridge which was recently built has blocked the views, but still one can view the Istanbul city and the vicinity. This place is a great place for photography too so make sure that your cameras are fully charged.

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