Live Video Streaming Application Periscope By Twitter

PeriscopeTwitter has jointly introduced a live video streaming application known as Periscope, for which it claims that users would be able to see the world from others eyes like never before. This app is related to the Twitter that can be downloaded from app store and make account on the basis of Twitter account. After this, the users would be able to show any live or interesting event to their followers. However, this new app will be present on your phone separately from Twitter.

“The new app ‘lets you share and experience live video from your mobile phone’ and is ‘a perfect complement to Twitter, which is why we acquired the company in January,” said by Kelvin Weil, spokesman of Twitter in a blog post. He also added that the picture is indeed better than thousand words but a live video can show you different places.

The makers of this app have also claimed that to see video on Periscope will not be like watching unilaterally on television, but users who are watching live can also express their views and send messages to the broadcasters by simply pressing the video.

This app was released on 26th March, this year and more than 1 million people have joined so far.


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