List Of Top 10 Countries For Expats To Live In

Different reports consider different criteria to declare which countries are best for expats, recently business insider ranked Top 10 countries for expats to live in based on the welcoming nature of the locals.

The list included 2 Muslim countries from Middle East which reflects how friendly the environment is in these countries. The list is as follows:

1) Portugal:

Expats living in Portugal are the most happiest in comparison with any other country. The claim that the locals are not only friendly but take care and look after you.

2) Taiwan:

It was ranked second as most expats claimed they felt like home while living in Taiwan. A US national living in Taiwan said ‘The people are welcoming to foreigners’.


Mexico is in the news because of the wall that Donald Trump proposed to build but it seems that Mexico is more in need of a wall as 4 out of 5 expats wanted to settle in Mexico.

4) Cambodia:

The Southeast Asian country of Cambodia is also famous among expats as the culture and people satisfy them. According to Business Insider 39% felt at home while their stay in the country.

5) Bahrain:

Immigrants are 55% of Bahrain population which allows expats to meet people from different culture. 91% expats liked Bahrain because they said they don’t have to learn Arabic, other appreciated the rich culture.

6) Costa Rica:

It is ranked 6th in the list despite the fact that 81% of expats were satisfied with the environment and claimed that they felt as home.

7) Oman:

It is another Middle Eastern country which is ranked in the top 10 list because expats believed that mingling with locals here is very easy.

8) Colombia:

South American country of Colombia was famous among American and European expats because of the friendly and open environment in the country.

9) Vietnam:

The country with which US fought a war for years is now one of the most preferred country by US Expats. They claim it is very easy to settle down with the locals, the low cost of living is also helpful for new comers.

10) Canada:

‘Open Minded & Tolerant’ this is how a French expat described the people of Canada. It is also famous among expats and immigrants from Muslim world because the environment is not Islamophobic like other western countries.

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