LIFI Technology Hundred Times Faster than Conventional WIFI

LiFiIn this modern age of science and technology, internet and WiFi has become important thing for the people belongs to different walks of life. But now the experts have created another amazing technology named as LiFi, which is actually hundred times faster than conventional WiFi. Yes it is true, for the transfer of data, LiFi technology works 100 times faster than the WiFi and the basic reason behind its speed is that lightbulb is being used in this technology instead of radio waves. The first successful experiment of LiFi technology is being conducted in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn.

By using LiFi technology, you can use internet hundred times faster than the conventional WiFi, with having speed up to 1 GB per second. Co-Founder and CEO of Velmenni, Deepak Solanki told the media that the basic problems of the users of WiFi including call drop, can be successfully cured due to LiFi technology.

Solanki also said that his entire team belongs to India and he had also tried to do experiment of this technology in India but failed to attract the investors.

The users of this newly introduced technology LiFi, must have electricity LED bulbs, internet connection and a photo detector, to use this technology. LiFi technology cannot be used in sunlight and it cannot travel through walls.

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