Law Against Forced Marriages Passed In Britain

cakeLondon: Britain has issued a law against forced marriages that will give a 7 year imprisonment to those who forcefully marry their children. The law will not be restricted to the boundaries of Britain, but in fact Britishers living outside their country will also be subjected to this law. The British government’s intention was to protect those individuals who were forcefully married.

According to the British interior minister, stated that people are made to suffer for their entire lives due to forced marriages and most of these cases are not even reported. But this law will allow the individuals to marry according to their choices and will give them legal protection against forced marriages.

Mostly, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian settled Britishers have to suffer forced marriages by their parents. Now the FMU department will look into the cases of forced marriages, out of which 2/3rd belonged to South Asia. FMU looked into 1300 cases, out of which 18% were men while the rest were woman. Pakistanis amounted to 43%, Indians to 11% and 10% belong to Bangladesh.

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